Friday, November 16, 2018

Spring through June

More pics from Disneyland

Hunington Beach with Uncle Dylan

Visiting with Dawn and Justin Watson and their cute boys.

Anne cleaned up the playroom there just cause she's awesome.

Just a cool sign in the church bathroom that we visited
Pizza with Grandpa Thatcher. One of the best pizzas I've ever eaten.

Visited with Great Aunt Lydia

Greenhouse starts

All better!

In April I flew back east to Virginia to help my parents pack up their house and say goodbye  to my childhood home.

Mom and I had a few fun scrabble nights.
My high school.

Where we would practice lacrosse

Where Hayley and I would go when we would skip our workout at the gym on base.
All us kids' clay creations.

My old meetinghouse for Church.
My home.

Tried to get a panorama of our street. Didn't really turn out.
Side yard.
Upper back yard.

Below the hose that had all our handprints in it.

Many memories with this old crab apple tree.
Where I spent a lot of my childhood.

Our waterfall.

Mr. Groundhog's home

Cut through to Dolphin Beach
Memory Bridge

Golf course path up to the dam

Montclair Lake. It looked kind of yicky cause they were doing construction on it and had it mostly drained.

Dolphin Beach

Alexander Henderson's grave that me and some friends cleaned up when I was little.

Packing up the trailer

Elaine Henson's house
Emily Chabby's house
Sarah Escue's house
McVays (where I went for a week and made their grandma breakfast)
John Jashinsky's house
Petit's house and our bus stops

Waterway Drive
Anne Moncure Park

Dolphin Beach
Food Lion
Howison where I played soccer and summer league lacrosse
Hylton High School (9th-10th grade)

Saunders Middle School

Dale City Rec Center where I did swimming
Mini Library

Giant Grocery store

Bowling Alley and there used to be a $.99 theater where Britt and I went to see our first movie by ourselves. James and the Giant Peach.
El Chorro. Favorite senior hang out spot.
Silver Diner. My favorite restaurant.
PDQ where Britt and I would go and get nickel candy.

Henderson Elementary. Lots of fond memories here. Probably where I got the most teary.

Kids Dominion Park
Brittany Humpherys (now Flammer) old house.

Steps where I was a patrol

Our street

Carrie Uffelman (now Russell) old house.

The Grundeman's house. Our sweet next door neighbors. Basically our adopted grandparents. My brothers and I mowed their lawn forever. She came to my regional lacrosse game and my high school graduation.
Yard Sale

Britt and I would float around on a raft down here and pretend to be pirates or Huck Fin. We'd jump from stone to stone.

Where our house is there used to be an old mill. This was part of it.

Grundeman's birdhouse.
My old room
Jen's old room
Michelle's old room
A watercolor of our backyard done by Mom
Our beloved piano.

Kitchen and TV room.

Rachel mucking out stalls at riding lessons because she wanted to.

Medical bill craziness.


Makeshift chicken run once the chickens got airborne

Greatest Showman

Rachel's Clara Barton doll for school

Spring bonfire
Jordan River Temple open house with Jen and the Russells

Birthday dinner for Kenric and DJ (Carrie's brother)

More Disneyland

Back to Utah

Rachel's report on an immigrant relative. She chose her cousin Briel that came from China.

Up at Primary Chidren's hospital for one of Anne's many testing sessions.

Playing at riding lessons

Preschool Graduation

Sarah, Walter and Isaac

Last Day of School!

Helping Dad assemble our new TV

New old dress from Mom from Okinawa

Picnic and St. John

Cleaning up some family grave sites.

Many days at the pool

Day at the lake with Mom, Jen, and Russell cousins

Coral Pink Sand Dunes  '18


Loren's grape vine rack
Sand dunes trip


The zoo with Jen, Grandma and Grandpa and Russell cousins

Looks a lot like my brother Loren

Back to that lake day

Strawberry Days Parade


Riding Lessons with the Taylors

Father's Day

Dad's father's day present
Family Dinner
Sand Dunes

Aunt Lorna's house

Pretend snakes

Mother's Day

UVU work party

Taylor's pool party

Wisdom teeth removal