Friday, January 19, 2018

November and December

Soooo...we don't have many November pictures because...I might have dropped my phone in the toilet (hand-to-forehead).  But luckily there were some from Zac's phone and there are a few more on facebook that i'll have to snag later. 

I had a fun birthday! Zac took me and the littles out to breakfast (my favorite). Then Carrie and I went on a beautiful 40 plus mile bike ride to Provo canyon and back. Then I went and got my hair cut and did a little shopping. Zac capped off the terrific day with homemade spaghetti (also my favorite) and a carmel chocolate apple. I felt very loved.

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And Rachel had her birthday! Big 7 year old! She celebrated the day with asking our neighbors if she could ride their horse. Our firecracker Rachel turned 7 yesterday! She’s my only child that instead if thinking “I can’t believe she’s 7!” I think “I can’t believe she’s not 7 already!” She is wise beyond her years and yet still our silly goofball. She loves all things horses and is excited to take lessons in the Spring. She is doing fantastic in school and had a fun soccer season this summer. She is my dependable helper with such a big heart. We love you so much Rachel 

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 We have had it rough this winter with lots of sickies. Poor James always gets hits the worst. One of the fine examples of this.
 Christmas Day dinner up at Jen's house up in Daybreak.
 Fun night out at University Mall.

 We also saw Santa and gave him our letters but couldn't take pictures with him.

Rachel's self-portrait.
 People say they wake up with crazy hair in the morning and I be like.....
 Yeah no teasing involved, that's just what it does.
 Cause she is.
 New fun hobby outside.

 Zac had fun at the ward Turkey bowl (in December).
 They played rugby for the last part of it.

 We had a fun visit with Uncle Dylan! We got to watch him fly his cool VR drone which the kids loved.

 Our first snow! The kids were so excited they got ready for school super fast so they could go out and play in it before school.
 I taught the girls sewing so they could make some presents for each other for Christmas.

 I went  and am still going through a sorting and purging kick at our house. Getting rid of all our extra and un-needed stuff! It feels so good :)

 Putting up Christmas decorations :)
 This crazy house near us that goes all out for their Christmas lights. We love that the house next door has a sign that says "Ditto" with an arrow pointing at this house :)
 Getting our Christmas tree un-netted.
 We had our Christmas recital for all my music students. They all did so good! I broke the ice and played a piece that I've been working on for a while.
 Zac had a helper putting up the lights.
 Trimming the tree.

 The kids sure love these bouncies once it's cold outside and we have to spend lots of time indoors.

 More purging.
 Anne and Rachel's clean room :)

 I thought of Uncle Gordon when I saw this shirt.
 One of my new favorite toys.

 I shadowed Anne for a day at school and her involvment with dodgeball in PE was impressive. She would stand in the back but she would pick up and throw every ball that came near her. After watching her that day I was overcome with two feelings. One, this is where she and Rachel are supposed to be. And two, this girl touches every person's life she comes in contact with for the good.

 My superheroes.
 Bouncy train.
 Our preschool Christmas party.
 My finished cross-stitch project :)

 Ward Christmas party.
 I love that James went and sat on Sarah's lap and they are cuddling.
 We had some new friends over to play and Jet was in heaven to play like a boy.
 This is what happens when you make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and it doesn't mix well and you get to the bottom of the bowl.  The amount of flour makes a big difference.
 A fun package from Grandma and Grandpa Russell was yummy and brought back a ton of memories.
 James was a fan of the popcorn.
 So proud of her cross-stitch skills.

 Took the kids to the pet store for fun. This little guy was so cute.

 What we've done a lot lately since we are all sick.


 Fun BYU bball game.

 Playing at Arctic Circle playplace. I took this so I remember how cool it is that these guys stick together. There were actually a ton of other kids there and they all played with each other.

 Christmas Eve night.
 Yummy dinner and fun games with family.

 Santa came!

 One of the biggest hits. Santa brought soda for their stockings!
 Sarah loves her new Princess Elena dress.

 James loves his new trains.

 The kids all had fun with their light sabers then we told them we were all going to see the new Star Wars movie. They were super excited.

 Anne loves her new puppets.
 Rachel (as you can see) loves her new rollerblades.

 Zac got a cool new camo backpack.
 And a comfy hat.
 I got a new electric pressure canner/cooker :)
 The kids were almost as excited for the snow we got Christmas morning as for their presents. Immediately after presents they rushed outside to play. Daddy had a helper in shoveling the walks.
 We got rare "sticky" wet snow so the girls got to make a snowman!

 We stopped by Uncle Loren and Aunt Carrie's house to exchange some presents.
 Anne got some new bling.
 Cute Christmas dinner at Aunt Jennifer's. Then the girls stayed and had a slumber party with their Aunt.
 Every year as we decorate the tree we are beautifully reminded of Grannie and all that she means to us.
 More purging.
 James and Zac went and got big boy haircuts.

 Hanging up stockings.

 Family tradition of reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This year Rachel read it to us :)

 We didn't end up buying these but these are proofs of the girls' school pictures.

Here's the video section.  Sorry these are a bit messed up. There are multiples of several of them but for some reason I couldn't go back and edit out them so. Oh well. Enjoy!