Sunday, August 4, 2019


 Riding in the back field with our new friend Doc.

 Halloween costumes for school.

 Trick or treating.
 My birthday.
 I built a corral.

 Rachel's birthday activity that she chose was to go to the classic fun center with her buddy Emma.

 Jet had an older girl help him around the ring ;)

 Rachel's oreo cheesecake that she designed and help decorate herself.

 Our Christmas card photo shoot with our critters.

 Potty training fun.
 Rachel's baptism photo shoot.

 Jet has a thing about scissors. He loves to cut and poke holes.
 Anne's USA song performance at her school. Not a great picture but the lady is Miss Johnson, her teacher and the boy in red is Michael, one of Anne's friends.

 More potty training.
 Thanksgiving apple pie.
 We a wonderful Thanksgiving with Zac's brother Gabe's family and his Dad Roger.

 Pie at my brother's house.
 The kids loved playing and doing hair with their cousins.
 Rachel's baptism program.

 Free zoo day with Grandma and Grandpa.

 James was thoroughly entertained watching our van get fixed.
 Rachel's special day :)

 My Grandparents' camper that finally had to go.

 My cooking helper.

 The coldest hay ride I've ever been on in my life. Cubscout caroling.

 Christmas tree shopping.

Sad day, we had to sell our Jeep. It was a fun car while we had her. Many fun adventures.

 Sarah's kindergarten Christmas program.

 Her lovely teacher Mrs. Nilson.
 BYU bball game with Santa...I mean Grandpa and Grandma.

 Before haircut


 Anne's Christmas program.

 Rachel's Christmas program.

 Preschool beeper card fun.

 The girls learning how to fold and put away their own laundry. Halleluja!!

 Art day at Aunt Jennifer's house.

 Temple Square

 Best clam chowder I've ever eaten. Compliments of chef Zac.

 New Christmas eve pj's

 Christmas morning

 Sledding with Grandma and Grandpa

 Nap time

 Best mispelling of my name.
Mariokart fun
 Rachel's cool art project.
Just Dance fun

 Before shave

 Sick day

 For a while our chickens segregated and the yellow ones slept by the coop, the black ones on the fence.

 Doc loved nudging and cuddling with the chickens.

 Cute little three year old on his birthday morning.

 We celebrated at James' favorite place to eat Pizza Pie Cafe.

 Birthday present fun.

 Fun day at the aquarium with Aunt Jennifer.

 First book I'd read in a while. It was a good one.

 My cousin Becca's wedding up in Brigham City.

 We stayed at a fun hotel with a swimming pool.
 We went out to see Promontory Point and saw this beauty on the way.
 Stopped by my Uncle's work.

 Watching the lunar eclipse.

 Organizing project.
 Anne's book report project.

 After shave

 Our first Christmas card photo.

 Hotel pool


 I had to take a picture of this.
 Dried fruit with my new dehydrator.

Our big adventure traveling to St. John to visit Mimi and Papa David.
 Sorry the pics are all over the place. I don't know why it does that and I don't know how to fix it.
 Our new fence! Doc loves his new home muuuuuch more than his stall.
 Ride around the block.

 Oh yummy sushi. Looks almost as cool as it tastes.
 Sarah's 100th day of school.

 James won our OK Mom contest and chose this treat.
 Our view from their house in St. John.
 Our kids were little fish those two weeks in the pool and the ocean.

 Nap before our red eye flight.

Painting rocks.
 James loves going to the bank.
 More Just Dance fun.
 Gave away our high chair :(

 Making our fence.
 This boy and mud.

 Frozen egg.
 Short walk to the beach from the main house.
 James' three year photo shoot at JCPenneys.

 The girls' leprechaun trap.
 Getting the greenhouse ready.
 Our room at St. John.
 Playing with the bugs.
 Our beautiful piano we got to babysit for a couple years for my Mom.
 James wanted me to draw this for Jennifer :)
 Movie day.

 Anne won the OK Mom contest, so we went out for Chinese.

 Our layover after our red-eye to St. John.
 These donkeys were everywhere on the island.

 Valentine's Day treats.
 I won a fitness challenge that Zac and I had with each other.
 Dinner with friends at St. John.
 Sarah's BDay activity was having her friend Becca over and watching the new Grinch movie.

 Sarah's 6th Birthday!
 Mom and Son breakfast outing.
 Auging to make the holes for the fence.

 Rachel's first horse bowl.

 Sarah sharing her VDay stash.

 Helping me make muddy buddies.

 Snorkeling with a turtle in St. John.
 Beautiful dinner.

 Taco Amigo charity day.
 VDay sushi dinner.

 Rachel qualified for her school's spelling bee.

 More snorkeling fun.
 This boy did not sleep one wink of our redeye flight.

 How we traveled around on the island.

 Our new piano :)

 The kitchen in St. John.

 Reading the Honkey Tonkey Donkey.

 Cool crab that tried to catch a ride with us in the truck and up Zac's shirt.

 Rachel and her best buddy Julia.

Ok these should at least all be at St. John.

 Cool outside restaurant with kareoke that the girls wanted to perform at.
 We made a stone for Mimi's path.

 Old sugar mill from the 1700's



 We had such a fun night at this restaurant. The girls and I performed a few songs. Sarah danced for everyone and Rachel learned how to play the spoons.  The man even gave Rachel a set of her own spoons.
 At Maho Bay we saw tons of turtles, fish, what looked like a little shark, rays, and conches. It was pretty amazing. Rachel and Anne were pretty good snorkelers by the end of the day. After, Zac and I snorkeled around the edge of the island back to the house.

 Coconut and sugar cane.

Got to babysit our friend's little lambs for a few days.
 Zac and I went to see Endgame. So good.
 Two of his favorite books.
 Little sand dunes trip to Sand Mountain.

 Me and Mom

 School charity bball game.

 Rachel's "quilt" she made at school.