Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sarah is 4! And other crazy stuff :)

We actually had wet enough snow for a snowman!

Cute puppies.

Zac got free tickets to a UVU bball game which was a ton of fun!

Pretty view on Zac's way to work.

Jet's favorite place to be in the house. Drives me crazy.
Sarah doing her gymnastics while the older girls are actually at gymnastics.

Making homemade almond milk. Tasty but expensive we discovered.
FHE game.

Tried to find something to entertain Sarah while we wait to pick up the older two from school.
All that was left of a peach I gave James for lunch.

Anne's field trip to Scera theater to see Alice in Wonderland.

Rachel made me a Valentine's Day crown at school.
The girls made Jet a toga.
Warming the pups up after a bath.

Rachel made James a crown too.
Valentine's Day cuties.

Date night :)

Broke out the old single jogging stroller when Sarah was on a play date.
His clothes aren't going to last....

First backyard cookout.

Love this shirt. Thanks Aunt Carrie ;)
Cleaning out the shed....some more.

Bike ride with Jen.
Grocery shopping with all the kiddos.
Sarah's birthday party invitations.

Fantastic time snowshoeing with Jen and Carrie. I think we found a new winter hobby!

Sarah's fourth birthday party! This was also her first birthday party and she was so excited for about eleven months before-hand.  When I asked her who she wanted to invite, she first listed all her teachers at Church, then her friends.  This girl has such love in her heart for people.

She asked for a Pinkalicious (a series of books she likes) Triceritops (her favorite dinosaur since it has her name in it) party.

I'm not a super fan of Pinkalicous books anymore (we read a couple not-so-nice-talking-ones) but we LOVE Fancy Nancy books. Thanks Carlie!
Uncle Loren and Aunt Carrie were in charge of camera duty :)

After her party we went to the dollar theater and saw Moana and then went out to eat at Arctic Circle with the family.
She was worn out at the end of the day.
More Birthday fun on Sunday!

She was so excited about her new fishing pole! Now they each have their own.
She liked the dinosaurs but they have kind of become James' favorite toys.

Uncle Loren gave them these cool glow in the dark darts then ended up becoming unicorn horns (and left some pretty nasty red circles on everyone's heads :)
Our church had a dance for the adults with an "Enchantment Under the Sea" theme. We sent in pictures of us from high school Prom and then tried to guess who was who.
Rachel's Abraham Lincoln art craft. I loved what she wrote.
I was finally able to clean out the "puppy room". It's hard to appreciate this without a before and after, but oh boy, what a difference.

 A cute candy-gram from my cubscouts.

My life for a couple months.

He was on a mission to reach something.
One of Zac's funny work quotes.

Zac's view most mornings as he leaves to take the girls to school and then work.

Our last two, Big White and She-Hulk.

More birthday pics. This girl.  She is our animated, ham, singing, goofy, grateful, affectionate, sassy, strong-willed, beautiful little Sarah-smiley. Our lives are brighter because of you!

Dr. Seuss day.



Movie time.

Apparently this hill was too tall for him to walk down, so he's scuting backwards.

James' first hair cut!

Aquarium time.

Sarah has had so much fun with her necklace bead kit from Grandma Russell!

Rachel's flower arrangement.

What a good Daddy.
Hanging out with Cosmo.
My BYU Rex Lee 10k run. I love Sarah's arm flexing face.

It was a good, fun race. I didn't finish quite as fast as I wanted to but I still finished with a 57:43 and I gave it everything I had. 
Shizzie guarding my path to the carport.

Our church dance night. We went on a fun double date before-hand to JCW's with our friends the Close's.


Nice ;)

A fun new present.

Our kids sure loves their Uncle Loren :)
Wants so bad to be a big boy.

Springtime is here!

Anytime the kids are outside when Dad comes home.
A fun new little hobby. Making gift baskets.

I came across this card in Grandma's box of cards I inherited.  Makes me smile.

Garden chicken soup basket.
I drove for Rachel's field trip to the aquarium. Cute girls :)

Daddy's helper.

Fun new sand pit.

Getting our greenhouse up and going this spring. It's been fun growing all the starts for our garden this year.

We have been very blessed that our Church time is at 1:00 and Jet will usually fall asleep on us for the duration of our meetings. On this day, he fought it and ended up falling asleep on the floor for the last couple hours.

We all just happened to dress in white for Church one week.
Wanted to wear his tractor hat all day.
Chocolate basket. I found a new chocolate banana bread recipe, mmmm.

Breakfast baskets (pancake mix, apricots, and apricot syrup).

We started a thing that if Anne and Rachel both get 100% on their spelling tests on Friday then we get a treat. Some weeks it's slurpees, others it's doughnuts. But we've definitely seen a change in motivation in Anne. She went from getting maybe 50% right to 5 out of 6 weeks in a row of 100%'s. Rachel always gets 100% :) So proud of our smarties.
Apple basket (Apple pie-mix, pie crust mix, apples)

Moana is definitely a family favorite movie. We know all the words to all the songs and it is the only movie that will calm James when we go for long car rides. I love that it is a Hawaiin movie :) Sarah is pretending to be Moana sailing her boat.
Jet loves bugs :)
Anne is starting to love writing. Here, she just sat down and started to write and write. That is pretty huge for her.
Crazy hair day.
I love our magnolia tree in the spring.
Our garden starts.
Doughnuts for spelling tests.

Chick days at IFA. We finally convinced Zac that it would be fun to have some year after we build a nice coop.

New running shoes for a new running adventure! Training for a half-marathon in July.
Anne and I had a fun outing up to Salt Lake for our Church's Women's Broadcast.

I was so impressed that night with Anne's ability to just be calm. She waited in line with me for over a half hour without complaining and just people watched. She sat and listened to the speakers and took notes in her journal like me. We didn't end of eating dinner that night until after at about 8:00 (we usually eat at 5:30) and she didn't complain. We sat there and had a fun discussion about her mind's ability to take pictures of things so she can remember things that happen.  I love my Anne.
First time making chocolate from scratch. Mmmm.
Jet sure loves his dog.
Anne's report on Harriet Tubman.
Rachel's fairy-tale.

Easter baskets.

Little climbers.

Poor kid wants to ride this so bad but his legs aren't quite long enough.

I love our purple carpet.

Sarah's fashion choice for the day;)
Homemade chocolate bars.

We got TP'ed by the dogs.
Our trip to Oklahoma to see Aunt Michelle's family.

Dr. Seuss day.
The girls dressed up like me to go running.
This boy is drawn to machines, tools. cars, motorcycles, trucks.....the noise doesn't scare him, it calls him :)

We found this dead dove in our yard just in front of the kids' playhouse.  It must have died of old age or something because it was pristeen. I took the oppurtunity to teach the kids a little about bird anatomy.
Our last snow of the year.

He thoroughly enjoys his pasta.

Battling fun during my race.
Rachel helped me finish.
Beautiful springtime flowers.
We love living so close to the temple.
Zac and Anne had a fun daddy daughter activity at the church.  This game had something to do with trying to eat the oreo without using your hands.

Back to our trip to Oklahoma.  It was such a fun little vacation to see my sister Michelle and her awesome family.  It was a long car ride but definitely worth the travel.

Little Julia and James are just a month or so apart. Such a doll.
We always used to say that Rachel and Harvey must have been hanging out in heaven together because they are very like-minded. They are only a month apart as well and are good buds. They loved to color and play legos together.
Dress up time with Uncle Jason.
The Golden Driller. A fun landmark in Tulsa.

The kids loved playing at the awesome parks.

Storytime with Aunt Michelle.

Cutie Patootie

What's more fun than a cardboard box?
Zac got to go to work with Jason for a day on a ride-along. Jason is a police officer in Tulsa.

On the way home. The kids travel amazingly well. Just James had a rough time being in his seat for so long, plus he was sick or had allergies or something. We took a different route home and went through Texas and up through New Mexico. We saw some fun sites and met some very kind people.
In New Mexico we stopped for the night at a hotel with a swimming pool which was a highlight.  That night at the restaurant we were seated right in the middle surrounded by elderly people. When Zac went to the salad bar he heard a couple that was about to be seated ask to be seated away from us because we had kids and they had had such a bad experience sitting next to a table of kids before. Needless to say I was very self-conscious, but our kids did really well.  They ate their food, used their manners, and Jet ended up making friends with a cute couple sitting close to us. Another man came in and asked us if we were a family of faith and if we could pray for his dying father. He was a truck driver and was on his way to say goodbye and wanted to get there in time. When the waitress came to give us our check she said that an elderly couple seated near us paid for our entire meal. We went over to thank them and they said they were impressed with how well-behaved and polite our kids were and they wanted to thank us for doing a good job with them. That really touched our hearts and we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for New Mexico and the lovely people there.

Cool park at a rest stop in Texas. Why aren't these on all playgrounds?
Only in Texas.
Go Longhorns
I didn't get a picture of us swimming in the pool and hot tub but that was way fun. They were all tuckered out when it was time for bed.
In front of our hotel.
An awesome park in New Mexico with a huge glider swing.

This will be an awesome picture to look back on some day. Our four kiddos.
Some day when we have more time I would like to see this rock formation up close. It was impressive even from miles away. It was called Shiprock.

Our starts a few weeks later.

More lovely springtime.Hi Grandma Hebbert!

And spring snow. Not uncommon.
Anne had to do a short oral report on an ancestor that was an immigrant. Her teacher said she did an amazing job in class when she gave it, even better than most of the other kids. She said she was confident and serious and remembered everything.

I scored an awesome deal on KSL classifieds and picked up this barely used double jogging stroller for $50! Woot! Yay for running again.

Strawberry Basket for the ward youth service auction. This and a Grandma's Hawaiin Delight pie went for $65 :)
Just some things I found in the trash......Jet!!
Anne's class observed some chick eggs as they incubated and hatched. Of course we all had to go in and say hi.
A lovely view from my new kitchen window watching the kids all playing on the playground.

James' first slurpee, mmm!
Decorating Easter eggs the night before Easter.
Easter morning!
Easter Egg hunt in our backyard.

Oh my heart. These cuties.

Hanging out with Dad selfie.
Sorry but back to Oklahoma trip.  The kids had a blast exploring Uncle Jason's patrol car.

Handcuffing Rachel's ankle.
We got a BB gun in OK and had a good time teaching the kids how to shoot it.

James in the meantime had fun getting wet and dirty like usual.
Something you don't see in many other states besides OK and TX.
Zac taught me how to use a mattock. It was fun :)

Our beautiful little Sarah singing a beautiful song about Christ.She was sooooo excited to go up and sing with all the primary kids in church for the first time. In over 100 kids you could hear her clear as day.


Anne and Rachel's gymnastics showcase

A song from Moana
James likes bugs :)
Silly Sarah

Practicing gymnastics
Uncle Loren's bday present
Happy Birthday Uncle Loren!
Jet's first haircut! He didn't seem to mind at all.
Playing in the greenhouse
How we travel

Last snow

Sarah snoring.

"The Lava Song"